Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rumor Has It

Dear Readers,

Rumor has it, that when da Vinci was commissioned to paint The Last Supper, his daily routine often involved long days of staring at the wall which would soon become his canvas, painting nothing, and then going home.  This process continued day after day.  Eventually, a monk reported him and he was called in and questioned.  “Is this true?  We’re paying you to paint and you’ve done nothing?  Are you really staring at the wall day after day?”  Da Vinci looked at his accuser and replied, “The artist is working the most when he appears to be working the least.”

The rest is history.

Writing is only partly about committing thoughts to paper, letting your words contain the expression of your soul.  It’s more about deep thinking, staring off into space, and pondering.  Sometimes it involves white-knuckling the table while you find the courage to be really honest about how you feel.  Sometimes it involves crying, Kleenex, and a 20 minute nap to recover.  Writing is about catching your fleeting thoughts on the back of the church bulletin when your spirit is inspired, and being willing to re-frame and refocus the scenes in your life that have become blurry.  

I think if I am going to continue to compose something of value, then I need to spend some time staring at the wall.

I am going to take a break from blogging for the next four months and will resume posting again in September.  

Thanks for reading!