Walking with Tension
by Jenny Hill
Foreword by Steve Wiens

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What kind of God hears the desperate cry of a little girl to be physically healed…and says no?
Learning how to walk with cerebral palsy was hard, but learning how to walk alongside God was harder. In Walking with Tension, Jenny Hill shares her journey to seek healing from her disability. When healing doesn’t happen, she begins to wrestle with God over some big questions. “Is God really good?” “Where is He in the midst of our struggles?” and “How do we love God when we don’t understand Him?” Finding the answers to these questions leads Jenny down a long road filled with shame, disappointment, and pain. Through unlikely friendships, counseling, and a loving church family, Jenny discovers healing for her soul and learns what it means to bring hope to others along life’s path—simply by telling her story.

Read what others are saying about Walking With Tension:

"I just wanted to write a note of heartfelt thanks for giving me a personally autographed copy of your precious book Walking with Tension--it's not easy living with any disability, but in your book, you seem to guide the reader past the 'physical' and into a deeper understanding of who God is in the midst of pain. May all those who read Walking with Tension be blessed and inspired to look past their limitations, as well. God's grace and favor be yours!" Joni Eareckson Tada

"Jenny has given the world a gift by opening up her own soul and sharing it with us. Because she has the honesty to wrestle with God all the way down to the ground, her journey becomes an invitation into wholeness for all of us. Thank you for writing this book, Jenny!"  Steve Wiens, Beginnings

"There is an adage that goes 'we all have a story and we long for someone to listen to it.' That is true. I would add '...and some stories really must be heard.' This is such a story...." Steven E Koop, MD, author of We Hold This Treasure


  1. The title of your book caught my eye. Walking In Tension. My wife and I are taking a class and the most recent class talked about living in tension. There were references to Lament. Lament being the crying out the why to God. Not afraid of posing God with questions. Not grumbling per say, but a searching in tension.

    I love the title and I got the e-book and read the first chapter already. Thanks for sharing your story with the world.

  2. I just finished reading your book recently. Thank you for sharing your story! It was a great reminder to me of the importance of taking time for people--to really listen and be available, and to be sensitive to what they are going through. I will be praying for you as you finish up your doctorate!

    1. I appreciate your prayers Sherrie and I'm so glad you liked Walking with Tension!