Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Disability Awareness Month

October is Disability Awareness Month.  Developing an understanding of people who have disabilities and the multifaceted impact a disability can have on a person’s life is….hard!  There is no easy way to grapple with disability, but I think that sometimes listening to people’s stories can provide insight into this unique experience.  The one I embedded below is no exception!

Want to learn more?  John has a blog about disability called: http://theworksofgod.com/

Below are 10 additional videos that address disabilities from different angles. 

1.        Alicia Arenas: Recognizing Glass Children.  Alicia talks about glass children, siblings who have a brother or sister with a disability.  This is a TEDx San Antonio talk. 
2.       Amy Mullins-How My Legs Gave Me Super Powers.  Amy is a double-amputee who is redefining beauty.  She also talks about the Opportunity of Diversity.  
3.       Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs—his message and life are inspiring.
4.       This is a radio interview with Mathew Sanford, a Minnesotan living with paralysis whose approach to Yoga is helping many people with disabilities. 
5.       Weird Glasses People  I watched this video as part of a training that I attended this summer.  It gives a spin on awkward conversations people with disabilities sometimes find themselves engaged in.  
6.       Maureen and Paul Pranghofer This couple attends my church and were interviewed last year by WCCO news.  They have a wonderful story!
7.       John Piper  preached a sermon last year on John 9: 1-23.  His words are thought-provoking.  One of my favorite was the challenge to start “Seeing disability!”  
8.       Perhaps  you’ve heard the song If You Want Me To on the radio.  Did you know that the artist, Ginny Owens, is blind?  
9.       I can only imagine  features the racing pair Rick and Dick Hoyt.
10.   Do basketball & Autism mix?  This is an inspiring incident that made national news!

Do you have a favorite video or story you would like to share?

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