Sunday, December 9, 2012

Make A Joyful Noise Unto the Lord!

It comes like an unwelcome visitor each winter.  As clouds fill the sky and darkness covers the evening, my countenance changes from happy to blue.  I find myself wanting to burst into tears for no other reason than to express the feeling of sadness growing in my chest.  I often feel withdrawn from people, as if I’ve lost my appetite for human interaction.  So, I pop Vitamin D like candy, pound the pavement at the Outlet Mall, and spend time with those I love, but sometimes these activities are of little help.

Spring can’t come fast enough.

I noticed last week that my seasonal visitor has yet to arrive.  Sure, its been warm, but I think my cheer has been a result of singing.  This fall I was invited to be part of a Christmas choir at Servant of Christ Lutheran Church.  I accepted the invitation and once a week, I stepped out of the darkness of the night and into the warmth of the church.  Sitting next to the altos, cracking jokes with the bases, we worked together to transform notes on a page into beautiful music.  Today, in the midst of heavy snowfall, we had our concert.  

Now that the excitement is over, I’ve been thinking about how much I love singing.   What an amazing ability God has given us not only to speak, but to change our voice into song.

I delight in it.

Part of my delight comes from a deep desire to respond physically to the goodness of God.  Living in a body where I come face to face with limitations every day, it’s rare for me to find a physical activity that I can fully engage in—much less enjoy.  When I am singing, I am totally uninhibited and my whole body can give itself fully to praising the Lord.  Even when I grow weary from standing and have to sit down, air still fills my lungs and sound spills forth from my lips.  With everything I have I can physically express my joy in the Lord.   

Feeling a little blue?  Here’s some help from a very young Mariah Carey singing Joy to the World!

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