Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Actual Pastor Twitter: @stevewiens

Honestly, more than making an impact or changing the world, what I most want to be is a gentle, healing presence.”

These are words written by my friend and pastor, Steve Wiens.  Steve authors a blog called The Actual Pastor, and on Monday he will be re-posting a piece that I wrote called The Wailing Woman.  I hope you enjoy it; feel free to share!

While you’re at Steve’s blog, please take a look at a few of his posts.  They’re written with insight and so, so good!  Here are some highlights:

If you recognize Steve’s blog, it might be because his post about parenting went viral.  That article, along with several others, ended up being published in the Huffington Post! 

Steve comes from a talented family of writers.  His wife, Mary, is a poet.  (She was also published in the Huffington Post), and his sister Lisa is a writer and pastor who works at St. Matthews in the Twin Cities.  Oh yeah, and he may not have a blog, but Joel Hanson is Steve’s brother-in-law.  So, along with essays, the music written in this family is amazing too!

Steve is a reader.  When he started his blog, he also started a book club to discuss Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly.  The discussion is over now, but the posts are still thought-provoking.  And, if you’re looking for a book, especially one about vulnerability and shame, I recommend it!

He’s a runner with a big heart.  Steve has run several marathons including Twin Cities and Boston.  A few summers ago, I asked him to write an essay about what it is like to finish such a race.  This September, Steve ran the Grand Canyon from rim to rim to help raise money for an organization called Eyes that See.

And finally, if you’re dreaming of the lake and the snow outside is making you pine for brighter days and warmer weather, read this post: For Those of You Who Have Grown Weary.  It’s one of my personal favorites because it talks about how tired we find ourselves and our need for the restoration that only comes from God.  

I hope you enjoy The Actual Pastor.  It just might be something you’d like to add to your inbox!  

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