Friday, August 12, 2011

Miracle Treat Day Pics

Sign outside of the St. Michael DQ

Good Morning!

Yesterday was an exciting day of DQ firsts!  I have never eaten 2 Blizzards in one day before!  (I consumed a mini Oreo Blizzard following my salad at lunch before taking three of my friends: Camry, Tiffany, and Katrina to DQ after dinner.  Our treats are pictured below.)
Two Midnight Truffle Blizzards, One Butterfinger, and One Double Fudge Cookie Dough

I have never in my life eaten a medium blizzard but had a Freudian slip while ordering and upgraded to a larger size without realizing it.  It was a great blizzard, BTW.  My friend Tiffany introduced me to the Midnight Truffle flavor, and now I am hooked!
Camry, Katrina, and I sitting in the parking lot at DQ.  Photos by: Tiffany Kubly

Finally, and most importantly, I have never seen so many people at the St. Michael DQ!  It was so crowded that we had to eat outside on the ground in the parking lot!  Yay!  There were many kids in the store, the drive thru was crowded, and the picnic tables were full!  I just kept thinking about how this money was going to be used to help benefit kids like me who are patients at Gillette.  I wanted to shake everyone's hand and thank them personally for ordering a blizzard, but I decided to restrain myself.  I did, however, wear my DQ Miracle Treat Day sticker proudly for the remainder of the evening.

Wearing my sticker proudly

I have not heard the official results of yesterday's fundraiser, but according to the Miracle Treat Day Website (, "Since 1984, DQ has raised over $86 million for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals-including $5.5 million in 2010." I hope their goal was surpassed yesterday!  I also learned from Gillette's Facebook page ( that if you happened to miss Miracle Treat Day, you can still give to the hospital.  Details are here:

Finally, I had one loyal friend, Aaron, send me a picture of a Blizzard indulgence.  Aaron, who I profiled on July 30, sent me a picture of his parents enjoying their ice cream yesterday:

I know several of you still purchased Blizzards yesterday, but didn't take a photo.  A huge THANK YOU for participating.  

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