Sunday, March 3, 2013

What is your cardboard testimony?

This Sunday was the first Sunday of the month.  For me, this means it is time to serve communion and to consider the cross.  We’re continuing to camp out in Acts 3, where a man lame from birth is physically healed.  While I haven’t encountered this type of healing, I’ve been reflecting over the work God has done in my life and how God graciously extends Himself to us, working to bring redemption and healing.

Some churches have celebrated this by displaying their cardboard testimonies as in the video below:

This got me thinking, if I was bold enough to participate in a cardboard testimony service, what would I display?  I could think of many things, but here’s one thing I would say:



I know this is vulnerable, but what would your cardboard testimony be?  Feel free to share it here! 

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