Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What if?

I love being seen.
I love being greeted with a smile and a hug.
I love when my nieces realize I’ve come over for a visit.
I love standing behind a microphone.
I love adding flair to my outfit.
I love hearing laughter after telling a joke.

I’d love to be well known.
I’d love to be successful.
I’d love to speak more often in public.
I’d love to publish a book.
I’d love to know more people.

I love being seen.


Wonder with me:

What if the “big things” God has called you to do, were actually small?
What if instead of striving to be bigger and better, your goal was simply to remain faithful to the things that were in front of you?

What if you accepted the invitation to be hidden?
What if no one knew your name?
What if you often went without acknowledgement, without thanks?

What if your influence only reached a handful of people?
What if you never developed a following on Twitter, no one liked you on Facebook, or read your blog?
What if that was okay?

What if you paid the most attention to those who were ignored?
What if you walked into a room and changed your focus?
What if you stopped asking, “Who sees me?  Who do I know?”
What if you started asking, “Who needs to be seen?  Who needs to be known?”

What if you let others see your unpolished parts?
What if you looked inside your heart and embraced who you really were?
What if you found the courage to quit comparing yourself to others?
What if you realized it isn’t a competition and you haven’t won or lost?

What if it was about being seen by God, knowing He is well pleased?
What if?

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