Monday, September 3, 2012

The Grip of Grace

This summer I took a college course where we went on a field trip to Pilot Knob Hill—a sacred Native American site. Getting off the bus, I noticed the route we were taking started with a partially paved road that went on for a ways and then abruptly ended.  Walking the first leg of the journey was easy, but beyond the paved ground was undeveloped space:  rocky and uneven.  I knew I couldn’t continue alone.

Seeing my need, my professor quietly appeared at my side and like a gentleman, offered me his hand.  As we walked, I noticed that the harder the terrain became, the more aware and grateful I was of his tightening grip, holding me steady, helping me walk.  

This moment had become a picture of God’s grace.  It seems that He is continually leading us out into uncharted territory, and like a gentleman, He offers his hand.  The harder life gets, the more we find ourselves held fast in His secure embrace.

How about you?  Where have you seen God’s grace abound?  If you were asked to write a metaphor or compose a scene, how would you picture God’s gracious grip holding your life?  

Photo by K. LaDuke, trail leading to Mt. Bierstadt, CO.

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