Sunday, September 9, 2012

To the Top of the Wall Pt. 1

All summer long, I wanted to climb a rock wall.  After reading Andrew Clements’ Extra Credit in early June, I began to wonder what it would be like to scale a wall, propelling myself upwards.  I began eyeing the rock wall at a local community center, sizing up the task.  Occasionally I would let my imagination take over, closing my eyes, envisioning myself reaching the top with a final burst of energy!

So, when my fellow camper looked at me this summer and said, “I want to climb the rock wall,” I looked back at her with confidence and said, “Me too!”  The next afternoon I found myself being strapped into a harness that felt less like a brace and more like an over-sized diaper.  I adjusted my helmet and peered up at my opponent.

“I may not make it all the way to the top.”

“Oh, you’ll make it to the top,” my spotter countered.  I stepped closer the wall, hoping he was right. 
“On belay?”

“Belay on.”

“Spotter ready?”

“Spotter ready.”


“Climb on!”

I looked ahead inspecting the colored holds bolted to the wall.  Deciding which ones to pick was like beginning the climb up a tree.  I reached for two slightly above my head and hoisted myself up slightly until my feet found their footing.  I was on the wall!

Slowly, one by one, I inspected the holds to the sides and above me, carefully choosing my next move.  I stretched wide like a kid on monkey bars.  Just when all four limbs found a new position, help would come from below as my harness lifted, shifting my weight into place.  This routine went on for a few minutes until….

The adventure continues tomorrow!

Photo by J. DeChamplain


  1. I see...a cliffhanger.

    * Gets bashed on the head for the obvious pun *

  2. Love it! My head did not get hurt, but I was bruised in places I had never been bruised before!